Cabana Health Smart Fitness Tracker Ring at its most competitive price.

Monitor your sleep, activity, HRV, temperature, and SPo2 levels with a sleek and stylish design to optimize your health.

Explore the Cabana Health fitness tracking rings – your passport to superior wellness, all driven by the smartest ring!

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Sleep Monitoring

Gain insights and enhance your sleep quality, indefinitely.

The Sleep Index is designed to provide insights into the different stages of sleep, including Deep Sleep, REM Sleep, Light Sleep, and Wakefulness. Each stage of sleep triggers distinct metabolic processes in the body, contributing to growth, repair, restoration, and maintenance.

Steps / Calories

Smart Fitness Tracker with Integrated Step and Calorie Monitoring

Transform your daily walks into precise step counts and calorie measurements, achieving 99.9% accuracy with the Cabana Health Fitness Ring. Whether you’re engaged in high-intensity interval training, strength workouts, swimming, or any other activity, monitor your vitals seamlessly. Plus, with built-in Steps and Calorie tracking, Cabana Health’s smart ring fitness tracker is your all-in-one fitness companion.

Stress Monitor

Redirect your attention to what truly counts

The stress-monitoring smart ring by Cabana Health examines heart rate patterns around your finger, enabling you to lower your daily stress levels, regain focus, and prime your mind for fresh challenges.

Body Temperature

Precise Body Temperature Measurement

Utilizing a highly responsive finger sensor, the Cabana Health Smart Ring offers continuous 24/7 skin temperature monitoring. Combined with heart rate tracking, it provides precise insights into your resting body temperature, displayed in Celsius (℃) and Fahrenheit (℉) for your convenience.

Heart / Pulse Rate Monitoring

Pulse Monitoring: Your Heart's Guardian

Unlocking Heart Health: With state-of-the-art sensors, the Cabana Health Ring precisely captures your rapid eye movement, uncovering vital cues to inspire healthier habits and enhance your heart health.

A Comprehensive Perspective on Your Well-being

By wearing a continuous fitness tracker 24/7, you record every moment of your day and week, gaining a more comprehensive understanding of your activity and sleep patterns.

7h 05min
of 9h 0min
Discover Your Sleep Patterns

A brief morning check reveals your sleep patterns and resting heart rate.

Active Min
of 21
Improve Your Heart Health

Enhance your heart’s well-being. The Cabana Health App recognizes moments that contribute to your cardiovascular health.

of 8000
Keep Your Enthusiasm High

Stay aligned with your objectives, eliminating any uncertainty.


Cabana Health's 24/7 Fitness Smart Ring

Cabana Health’s 24/7 Fitness Smart Ring offers continuous health monitoring, combining style and functionality. Track your activity, heart rate, sleep patterns, and more, ensuring you stay on top of your fitness goals around the clock.

  • High-Grade Materials
  • Unparalleled Accuracy
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Sleek Design
  • Water Resistant – up to 50ft
  • Temperature -10°C to 54°C
  • Bluetooth Connectivity – 10m
  • Memory Capacity – 2 week
  • Charge Timing – 90 mins
  • Battery Life – 4-5 days  
  • Available on iOS + Android
  • FREE Priority Shipping


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