Sync your wellness activity with friends...

Regardless of the apps or
wearables they use!

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Just a few things we sync with...

Dashboard screen

Get a personalized dashboard
of all your connected activity

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Experience social health without constraints

& achieve team-based goals with Teammates

Wellness is meant to be social.

But the technology we use only separates us.

That's why Cabana Health exists.

Escape the niches each health app and wearable traps you in.

Use the tech you already have,

& sync team goals across holistic health.

Community screen

Already in a fitness community? Join us.

  • Join hiking, nutrition, meditation, running cabanas etc.
  • Perfect for wearable communities (Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, etc.)
  • Filter by skill level, select by interest, join your team!

Stop worrying about the apps or wearables you use

& find your cabana today!

cabana screen

Each cabana has:

  • Shared, synced goals
  • Leaderboard
  • Private feed